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Private lessons, with Alex

Creator of Kitesurf College

How to Book

To book, simply email and let me know 1. your previous kiting experience (if any) 2. your height and weight, and 3. the dates you would be available for lessons.

Location (Cape Town Area)

I am currently based in Noordhoek to the south of Cape Town. From here we can travel to Muizenberg or Langebaan for classes, depending your level and the wind direction.

Lesson Quality

I refined my instruction over a decade, making it as easier and safer for my students to learn.

The difference in quality between good instructors and bad ones is significant. With a poor instructor, you will spend hours crashing your kite and not really understanding why. With a skilled instructor, you will have a better understanding of what you’re doing, be trained to avoid dangerous habits from the start, and become a safe kiter. It’s a shame that most beginners don’t know when they’re getting poor kitesurf instruction.


Lessons are charged per 1-day course of 4 or 5 hours. A 4-hour lesson is $200 and a 5-hour lesson is $240 if your fitness is up to it.


We are based at Goose Green Lodge, a peaceful lodge in the leafy suburbs of Cape Town. If you book to stay at Goose Green Lodge during your lesson, you will receive a 10% discount on lessons.

Before Your 1st Lesson

You can get a head start with our beginner’s series of tutorials: