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Welcome to Kitesurf College. We specialise in making the most informative tutorials for kitesurfing / kiteboarding. These are all available on our tutorials page:

Kitesurf / Kiteboard Tutorials

“Amazing tuts, best available on the internet.”

Jake Lebo

“I’m a beginner and find your tutorials brilliant for complementing the practical lessons!”

Alexa Saunders

“Seriously, guys. You make the best tutorials.”

Heather Simmons

“if I had watched these videos before [kite lessons] would have been easier and even more enjoyable.”

WT Brown

“Really awesome tutorial. Thanks for all the efforts filming and editing. Great job.”

ABE SuperKiteDay

“Great Tutorials, i watch them all!”

Leon Van Burgen

“Best instructional video for jumping helped me out a ton.”

Tim Sisemore

“Great series of instructional videos.”

Paul Dunai

“watched this whole beginners playlist before I got started … they helped me be more prepared”

Brett Gildersleeve

“Best kiting tutes on YouTube. Helped immensely thanks.”

nuki o

“quality of these tutorials is amazing … going out for my first session without my instructor and they’re a great memory refresher!”

Lucas Paul

“Finally, a thorough video on jumping. Very well made. Thank you.”

Neyvin De Leon

“Thank you very much for all your videos, very useful, easy to understand, perfect !!!”

Antoine S

“I’m a beginner and find your tutorials brilliant for complementing the practical lessons! Love the step by step, simple and logical explanations, thank you for your efforts!!”

Raluca Jianu

“You guys honestly have the most comprehensive kiteboarding guide videos out there”

Tobias Vater

“Simply and clearly explained, consistently. I appreciate this opportunity to learn from you!”

Kendall Billick

“Best tutorial I have ever seen”

Linus V.

Private Kite Lessons

Before making the Kitesurf College tutorials, I (Alex) taught Kiteboarding for a decade – racking up around 7,000 students. I developed a system for kite instruction that makes kitesurfing easier and safer to learn. I don’t have as much time for teaching in person now, unfortunately, but I still like to teach a few students. I teach only intensive 4 or 5-hour day courses, to really make a big impact on your kiting level. Visit the private lessons page for more information.

Book Private Lessons

The Kitesurf College Team

Alex – The Founder

Alex started Kitesurf College tutorials many years ago. Actually, the original tutorials were specifically made just to help a couple of friends who were struggling, but things seem to have spiralled out of control – now we reach a million minutes watched per month, and have the largest channel covering kitesurfing.

Christie – The Boss

Christie started helping with the channel in 2015. She was instrumental in growing kitesurf college into a professional operation. She has a steady hand behind the camera, and has enabled Kitesurf College to collect higher quality footage. She’s also a talented kiter, winning a national championship one year after learning to kite, so she is very useful on-camera as well.

Broden – The Baby

Baby Broden landed in mid 2017. We don’t know what he’ll do for Kitesurf College, if anything. We know he likes to eat, so possibly a position in catering.

Kitesurf College in Numbers

We are proud of what Kitesurf College has achieved.


100 thousand YT subscribers. The most of any kite channel.


4 million minutes watched per month.


100% committed to making the clearest tutorials, in order to make kitesurfing safer for everyone.